Off The Grid - Green Spaces

Reducing our carbon footprint

We fully support and promote the use of earth friendly craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

Container Guys International uses and sources unique modes of energy efficient alternatives. Protecting the earth and its natural resources is an important part of who and what we are, not just what we do. Those who choose to live and work off the grid and are like-minded in the approach of earth consciousness, is something Container Guys International fully supports.

We believe in conservation at its best, we are innovative in our continued research and use of materials and resources to promote this lifestyle.

We will also be teaming up to offer Harmonizer products that are Scalar generators.  We care about our customers as much as the earth, we are all one in the same. These small but powerful generators can repair, rejuvenate and de-clump all living organism's cells. 

This helps our body as well as all living things, to repair and resist harmful man made pollution, especially EMF (electromagnetic Field) radiation. These products also generate the Shumann Resonance, 7.83Hz, the Earth's natural vibration. This frequency can bring us into balance and harmony with the Earth in order to receive better sleep, more energy, enhanced positivity and happiness among other benefits.

These two frequencies neutralize EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation and turn it into health beneficial energies. These products can repair your body as well as all living things from damage already done by this harmful radiation and resist further damage as our technology gets better and the radiation gets worse. They can be easily added to any home and some models are portable, more affordable than purchasing on your own. As well as something that everyone can feel good about using, we never stop in our endless quest to protect the earth and our customers. 

Contact Us to learn more on how we can educate you on the use of resources like Solar Panels, Energy Conservation and Energy efficient alternatives. Saving not only the earth and its resources but your personal and financial resources.

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